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How to Impress Top-Notch Candidates During an Interview

Remember that an interview is a two-way street—you and your company are also being assessed by your interviewee. Follow these steps to persuade a top notch candidate.

1. Be respectful of your candidate’s time.

Don’t reschedule your interview at the last minute. While from your perspective, an interview is just one more meeting in your day, remember that most interviewees spend hours preparing. Additionally, don’t leave your candidate waiting in the lobby—conduct the interview on time once the candidate arrives.

2. If the candidate is arriving by plane, consider picking them up at the airport.

Travelling to an interview by plane is a…

6 Steps to Improving Your Resume

Is your resume becoming bloated or outdated? A concise and up to date resume can give you an edge over other candidates. Remember that keeping your resume up to date is essential even when you’re not actively searching—you never know when you’ll get a call from a potential employer or recruiter.

Follow these six steps to spruce up your resume:

1. Focus on recent experience

Employers reading your resume are most interested in your recent experience. Look back at the earliest listed positions on your resume—are they still relevant to the position you are applying for now? You want to simply shorten…

Difficult Interview Questions

Preparing answers to questions before an interview will strengthen your chances of making a great impression on a potential employer. Use the following tips to respond intelligently to difficult questions.

Tell me about yourself.

Employers often open interviews with this question. Be prepared to give a brief summary of your education, job experience, skills, and future goals. Only touch on your interests briefly if at all. At the end of your response, make sure to tie your experience back to the job and your desire to join their company.

Why should we hire you?

This is a great opportunity to summarize your best…

Five Fatal Hiring Mistakes

Finding the best talent for your organization – whether it’s a high-growth start-up, or established industry leader – can be a daunting venture, even under the most optimal conditions. While there are a number of ways for hiring managers to unintentionally throw a monkey wrench into the search process, here are five of the most common mistakes hiring managers should avoid:

1. Going Along to Get Along

Trying to achieve absolute, universal consensus can be counterproductive and disastrous – resulting in stellar candidates needlessly overlooked and opportunity wasted. Especially in geographically dispersed leadership environments, or corporations that have highly differentiated business…

Sending a Thank You Letter

The interview process is not over when you walk out the door—sending a thank you letter within twenty-four hours is essential. Many interviewers rely on thank you letters to judge your written communication skills, interest in the position, and ability to follow up.

Immediately after your interview, write down the following information to help you with your thank you letter:

  • What are the names and titles of the people you met? It is important to ask for business cards near the end of your interview to ensure you spell their names and titles perfectly and in order to have the…

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