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How to Impress Top-Notch Candidates During an Interview

Remember that an interview is a two-way street—you and your company are also being assessed by your interviewee. Follow these steps to persuade a top notch candidate.

1. Be respectful of your candidate’s time.

Don’t reschedule your interview at the last minute. While from your perspective, an interview is just one more meeting in your day, remember that most interviewees spend hours preparing. Additionally, don’t leave your candidate waiting in the lobby—conduct the interview on time once the candidate arrives.

2. If the candidate is arriving by plane, consider picking them up at the airport.

Travelling to an interview by plane is a commitment of time and energy. Picking up a candidate at the airport is a great way to demonstrate that you appreciate their willingness to travel, and are serious about them as a candidate. Especially if the candidate has never been to your city in the past, a ride to your office will eliminate any stress about getting lost.

3. Read their resume in advance and take notes in the margins.

Asking a candidate for a copy of their resume during the interview makes you look unprepared and disinterested. Prepare questions ahead of time that relate specifically to the candidate. To really impress your candidate, have aspects of their background and job experience memorized.

4. Prevent interruptions.

Conduct your interview in a quiet room where you will not be interrupted. Alert your co-workers that you will be in an interview and ask your assistant to hold your calls. Turn off your cell phone. It is essential to demonstrate that the interviewee has your full attention.

5. Don’t talk poorly of the last person in the position.

Wouldn’t you be nervous if a candidate talked badly their last supervisor? Similarly, you shouldn’t speak poorly of a former employee—your interviewee may question your maturity level, and wonder if you will do the same to them one day too if you take the job.

6. If you interview the candidate all day, invite them to lunch.

Demonstrate your thoughtfulness and arrange for your candidate to have lunch with an employee. A meal is also a great opportunity to interact with the interviewee in a less formal, more social manner and a chance to impress them with your company culture.

7. Follow up.

If you promise to call a candidate at a certain time, make sure you follow through. It is important to demonstrate professionalism, and show the interviewee that they are high on your list of priorities.

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